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MaprDB - writes not being distributed to one of the nodes

Question asked by gesgeorge on Apr 21, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2016 by andylerner


I have a situation where one of the nodes in the cluster stopped receiving maprdb writes for all of my tables. Now, this node used to receive writes before I tampered with the installer and tried to manually install packages.


How do I know this node is not receiving writes?

1. I used the node list REST api stats and it shows

      "numPutsInLastTenSeconds": 0,
      "numPutsInLastMinute": 0,
      "numPutsInLastFiveMinutes": 0,
      "numPutsInLastFifteenMinutes": 0,

2. This node is not the primary node for any data in the tables.

Both of the above were not true before.

I don't see any errors reports in the control center. And I looked through the log files and I don't see any errors or exception of any sort.


How do I debug this?