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DEV360_LabGuide - Instructions does not match with Sandbox Environment

Question asked by venkat.anampudi on Apr 15, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2016 by cmcdonald


I installed MapR VirtualBox Sandbox in my laptop and when I compare DEV360_LabGuide instructions some instructions doesn't match with Sandbox enviroment.


For ex: In DEV360_LabGuide , Lesson 2- Load and Inspect Data --> Set up for the Lab, the "scp" command will not work since everyone has Winscp tool in their system/laptops.


Secondly,in section 2.1.1 Launch the Spark Interactive Shell :

1. To launch the Interactive Shell, at the command line run the following command:


This stmt is not correct, because user should know where is his spark/bin directory and not sure where he/she has to run these commands in Sandbox command prompt or laptop command prompt?


In essence, the instructions does not match with Sandbox environment.

OR am I missing something?