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Scala lab files missing for Spark Courses (DEV 360, DEV 361 & DEV 362)

Question asked by msameer on Apr 17, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2016 by samuel.t.peterson



Firstly, thank you for creating Mapr Academy. It provides great hands on experience on many big data topics.

I am currently using Mapr Academy and in specific exploring lesson DEV 360 (Apache Spark Essentials).

While attempting to perform lab exercises I did however, notice that the lab files attached only include Python(.py) files.


The DEV 360 lab exercise does however make a reference to lesson DEV 350 (MapR stream essentials) to download Scala (.scala) lab files, but unfortunately no lab attachments are included in DEV 350.

Attached below are screenshots of a) DEV 360 lab instructions b) DEV 350 lab overview.


Can you kindly assist, with the same.



Mohammed Sameer