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MaprDB Java Fail - M3 license

Question asked by Terry on Apr 11, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2016 by abizer_adenwala

Just recently upgraded M3 cluster to V5.1 and was eager to start testing MaprDB with Java as described in the Youtube video. Got the code built and running in IntelliJ, but get this error:


Failed to create table: /apps/user_profiles , Error: Operation not permitted, verify that the cluster has an M3 license or an Enterprise license with Database module enabled. If the cluster was upgraded, enable new features using 'maprcli cluster feature enable -all'.


After much Googling, etc. found my licenses which shows to be valid in MCS. Pasted it in again to be sure. Re-"ran maprcli cluster feature enable -all", but MaprDB still throws the same exception.


My licenses:


MapR Base EditionunlimitedN/A
MapR M3 EditionOct 18, 2012unlimited[X]


I also check permissions and I have read,write,execute on /apps


Any suggestions?