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I have installed cygwin, but it cannot find commands associated with the download of MapR scripts.

Question asked by johniccp on Mar 25, 2016
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I started out by choosing Google to host my first MapR project.  It did so because of the $300 credit, and 60 days of free use.

I began by installing Google SDK.  The Google website appears to have been updated since the instructions in the ADM200 class were last updated (Nov 2015).  I have installed cygwin.  It is Red Hat's x64 version (previous experience with RedHat products was positive).  I am using Windows 8.1.

I open the cygwin application, and a command interface appears.  I began with simple commands I recall from using Linux years ago.

$ ls -l

total 0

$ pwd


$ git

-bash: git: command not found


Q. Is this environment a good place to ask questions on weekends?

Q For the purpose of taking the ADM20n courses, would I be  better off using the Sandbox?

Q What can I do regarding the cygwin tool?

Q What other information could I provide?

- John