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ID range scan in a JSON table

Question asked by mistanke on Mar 24, 2016
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I am looking at the new JSON tables and their Java API. The use case I am testing now is a table scan within specified row keys range (basically to get all records with given ID prefix). According to this doc, I wrote a simple QueryCondition, which should do the job.

final QueryCondition cond = MapRDB.newCondition()


                    .is("_id", Op.GREATER_OR_EQUAL, PREFIX)

                    .is("_id", Op.LESS, PREFIX + Character.MAX_VALUE)



I also noticed the ConditionImpl.getRowkeyRanges() method gives me a RowkeyRange instance, which reflects the prefix given above, but still I want to make sure, if this QueryCondition works clever enough to replace the PrefixFilter from the HBase API? Or can I do some magic with the RowkeyRange to retrieve the record with a single query with as less overhead as possible?