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how to remove services from warden.conf as getting memory issues

Question asked by aashish on Mar 1, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2016 by aashish
I have done fresh install of Mapr cluster, I am not able start warden on one of server and getting below error in warden.log --------------- Total memory required to run all configured services is exceeding available memory on the box.
--------------- Total memory needed: 18282MB where Total node memory is: 15953MB
--------------- EXITING I see there are many services in warden.conf,  services=webserver:all:cldb;jobtracker:1:cldb;tasktracker:all:jobtracker;hbregionserver:all:hbmaster;nfs:all:cldb;kvstore:all;cldb:all:kvstore;hoststats:all:kvstore can you please help me to resolve this.