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MapRFS Symlinks

Question asked by dannyman on Mar 2, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2016 by maprcommunity

I got the Alarm too many inodes. So, I create a new volume, start copying a certain large directory over to that volume. With conventional Unix filesystem it might be something like:


    # create new /mnt/new

    # rsync -avz /mnt/old/foo/bar/big-data/ /mnt/new/
    # mv /mnt/old/foo/bar/big-data /mnt/old/foo/bar/big-data-old
    # ln -s /mnt/new /mnt/old/foo/bar/big-data


MapRFs complicates the issue because you have MapRFS and you have most access via NFS, which could be any mount point. I experimented with a relative path symbolic link over NFS:


     # cd /mnt/old/foo/bar

    # ln -s ../../new big-data


That works okay via NFS, but `hadoop fs -ls /mnt/old/foo/bar/big-data` returns a file entry instead of a directory. So, I try, say:     hadoop mfs -ln /mnt/new /mnt/old/foo/bar/big-data On NFS, I see that `/mnt/old/foo/bar/big-data` is a symlink pointing to `/mnt/new` but the absolute path in the MapRFS is different from the absolute path via NFS ... Oh duh, solution forthcoming ...