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M7 and TableMapReduceUtil quorumAddress

Question asked by phil_grim on Jun 20, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2014 by phil_grim
I'm trying to implement a job that reads from an M7 table on one cluster in the Map phase, and writes to another cluster in the Reduce phase.  In Apache HBase, I'd do this with using TableMapReduceUtil and specify a quorumAddress for the Zookeeper quorum on the remote cluster.  When I try to do that with M7, the job can't find the remote table - because it isn't in the /hbase/tables node in Zookeeper. 

Given that, how would I specify the remote cluster and table to the MapReduce job when the target is an M7 table?


            config.get(""), // set to something like /user/mapr/input     
            config.get(""),  // set to something like /user/mapr/output
            config.get("remote.cluster"),  //  set to