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We’re pleased to announce the release of MapR 6.0.1 and MEP 5.0.   With the 6.0.1 release, MapR includes streaming enhancements that allow for real-time apps to be brought to market faster, more accurate analytics of IoT data, and a wider array of real-time use cases.  In MEP 5.0, major enhancements to Apache Drill 1.13 help bring performance… (Show more)
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MapR Security Vulnerabilities are posted in the MapR Security and in links to the announcements are provided in this document.   Get notified when a new patch is released by following this document. Click on Actions > Follow > Inbox in the upper right. Learn more: How do I follow people, places or content in the MapR Community?   Never miss…
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Get Notified of New Release & Patch AnnouncementsGet notified when a new patch is released by following the MapR Patch Directory document. Get notified of all MapR product announcements by following these instructions: How to get notified of release, product and patch announcements   MapR Patch Release - December 2016The following list of patches… (Show more)
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 Today, we are proud to announce the next-generation MapR Control System (MCS). Building on the Spyglass Initiative, this new administrative product couples a unified and intuitive management interface with scalable and secure monitoring for on-premises, cloud, and edge clusters.  With its integration of files, tables, and streams, MapR has always… (Show more)
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Date: March 6th, 2018   We’re pleased to announce the general release of MapR Data Fabric for Kubernetes. MapR Data Fabric for Kubernetes provides persistent storage for containers and enables the deployment of stateful containerized applications. It provides easy and full data access from within and across clouds and on-premises deployments.  … (Show more)
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Rachel Silver
Date: Nov. 21, 2017   Data Science is a hot topic in boardrooms right now. Everybody wants to adopt AI/ML, hire the best and brightest data scientists, and enable them to experiment and build intelligent applications. New deep learning libraries have made it possible to analyze new types of data and even gain new insights from historical data.… (Show more)
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Date: Feb 8th, 2018  We’re pleased to announce the general release of the MapR Expansion Pack (MEP) version 4.1. MapR Expansion Packs are an expanded version of the MapR Ecosystem Pack (MEP) which is a way to deliver ecosystem upgrades decoupled from core platform upgrades. This expansion means that we can also deliver some core functionality in… (Show more)
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In Case You Missed My Release Pitch We just released Apache Drill 1.12 on MapR 6.0 as part of MEP 4.1 (MapR Expansion Pack). Continuing with the Drill 1.11 theme that I outlined in my previous post here in late November, we have made improvements in the most recent release.   Here are the highlights: Exploratory queries (those not requiring any… (Show more)
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