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Today, we are delighted to announce the next level of advancement of the MapR Converged Data Platform with the latest release of MapR-DB 6.0–the modern database for global data-intensive applications.   At MapR, our goal has been to build a complete data platform with a built-in, modern, scalable database to create a broad variety of operational,… (Show more)
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MapR-DB: Datebase for Global, Data-Intensive Applications  MapR-DB is a high performance, NoSQL (“Not Only SQL”) database management system, built into the MapR Converged Data Platform. MapR-DB is a global, multi-model database. It brings together operational applications, analytical applications, real-time streaming, and other workloads to enable…
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It’s 2017.  Every company in business today is either running part of their operations in the cloud or making a plan to do so.  Cloud is simply too attractive to ignore, mostly because of the agility that comes from creating infrastructure instantly at the click of a button, but also because of the rock bottom cost of storing data in cloud object… (Show more)
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MapR Security Model  MapR offers enterprise-grade security and data governance capabilities out of box.  Features include:   Ubiquitous Data Protection.  Data can be encrypted on-the-wire using AES256 with GCM, a NIST-approved and NSA-level cryptographic algorithm.  MapR also offers several options for encryption at rest.  Lastly, we’ve taken…
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