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Announcement 1 MapR Ships 6.0 to Power the DataOps World!
Announcement:MapR Ships 6.0 to Power the DataOps World!
A 3 minutes video by Anil Gadre on how MapR 6.0 powers DataOps, helping you unleash greater value from all your data in less time.
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At node verification phase, DNS inconsistent warning appears. It shows "One or more hostnames failed forward/reverse Dns check". I tried to resolve this issue but the issue wasn't resolve. So, I tried installing MAPR with this warning. Installation fails after some time.     It is seen was not able to install properly. I have… (Show more)
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Hello can any one please help on the below issue I am getting while creating CF's.   I have created a binary table in the maprdb and then trying to create the column family but I am getting the below error. ERROR (22) -  Parameter jsonpath is required for non default column family.   Thank you for your time in advance. MapR DB CLI TutorialMapR… (Show more)
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Hi guys, I'm using MapR installer to reinstall the platform on my 3-node cluster. For uninstall, I follow the link there: Uninstalling MapR - MapR 5.0 Documentation - Then I start over to reinstall the cluster. I got stuck in the step of verifying nodes. The progress bar on the top never moves. Seems like verifying forever.   Dig… (Show more)
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I am using MapR Installer via web portal. All steps are done as instructed before node verification. The node verification stage failed with an error that "mapr" is not in "sudoer" first. After adding "mapr" to "sudoer" by $ sudo adduser mapr sudo the following error appears. I could not understand this error. You help is highly appreciated.… (Show more)
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SUMMARYDate: Dec. 5th, 2017  10am PT / 1pm ET / 6pm BST Topic: Unleash the Value of Your Data with New Features in the MapR Converged Data Platform 6.0 Registration:    MapR 6.0 Powers DataOps  ABOUT THE EVENT The data struggle is real. Last-generation and even newer technologies are limiting and lead to data silos across the organization,…
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MapR provides the industry’s only converged data platform that uniquely allows applying analytical insights to operational processes in real-time to create competitive advantage for our customers. Our vision is of a platform that converges historically separate product segments/categories in order to enable extraordinary new value never before…
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 Today, we are proud to announce the next-generation MapR Control System (MCS). Building on the Spyglass Initiative, this new administrative product couples a unified and intuitive management interface with scalable and secure monitoring for on-premises, cloud, and edge clusters.  With its integration of files, tables, and streams, MapR has always… (Show more)
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