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Hey all, I've been working DC/OS from Mesosphere, and found it to be a great up and comer. I wanted to see if I could get MapR running, in docker containers, running in Marathon.  So I did. There are few bugs I am working around now (this isn't production ready) but it sure is slick for getting a cluster up and running.   Lots of

Abhishek Shishodia
can we create a web application using angularjs as frontend and backend in mapr db? If so what's the best resource to start with?
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Hi, I'm using the latest Sandbox 5.1 and I've been trying to update some values in the Hadoop conf files such as yarn-site.xml. Whenever I do, with root, it changed, but after a few seconds it reverts back to what it was before...   I'm going completely insane here, all services are OFF. But still the file keeps on being replaced, and
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I have an error when performing a CTAS statement through Hive on MapR 5.1. Here is a very simple query sequence that will reproduce the problem:   create table t1 (   id string,   rel string ) stored as orc;   create table t2 (   id string,   val double ) stored as orc;   insert into t1 values ('t1_aaa',
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When I try to wget the following script for Lab 13.1, I get a 404 file not found error. I tried looking around in the browser, but I could find anything on the server, links were all broken. Google didn't yield any results either. The file in question is:   Can anyone point me in
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How to Choose cluster size like- how many nodes to build for the specific amount of huge data that currently available in the organization to work on?   Is there any formula to calculate the number of nodes required to fulfill the exact requirements of work Supportive understanding data : Suppose we are having 10 TB of data available in