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Hi,   I am trying to import data from Sql Server using the following command:   sqoop import -D --connect "jdbc:sqlserver://;database=OpsAMS_dev" \ --username OPUser --password ******  --query "select * from opsams.WorkType WHERE 1=1 \$CONDITIONS" \ --target-dir

Hi Gurus, I am wondering how we can handle inflow of frequently changing data in MapR FS as files and later use the files from drill to query them . Scenario is like : We have Purchase Order ( PO) Data coming from ERP  as file extract into MapR-FS ( we have no Plans to use Mapr-DB as we have to do further processing to load into MapR-DB
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We were able to remove all packages but mapr-hue and mapr-hue-base are just impossible to remove even with brute force removal tools such as dpkg --force-depends --purge, as the following error appears:   dpkg: mapr-hue-base: dependency problems, but removing anyway as you requested: mapr-hue depends on mapr-hue-base (>=