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hi all, I'm trying to read kafka topic from a different host using spark streaming application. I have two hosts A and B. A has zookeeper and kafka( installed. B has spark installed on it. Now when im trying to read the kafka topic from A through spark streaming from B and persist the data in to B. Here is the issue, when i run the

Hi Frnds,   ERROR 1:  Yum is locked by another application error in Mapr Installation but I closed error popup window. The screenshots is below: ERROR 2: Mapr intallation was in progress 95% but more than 5 hours without any improvement.How to slove this issue. I need clear information frnds.
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In the documentation for NFS mounting (located: The command for mounting the maprfs cluster is: sudo mount -o hard,nolock usa-node01:/mapr /mapr The options specified are specific but I wonder are they required for MapR or does something
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Scan the discussions listed here to get answers to common questions.   Course-related questions: How do I register for a course? How do I get private training from MapR at my workplace? MapR cancelled my class - Now what? What is the cancellation policy for Instructor-Led and Virtual Instructor-led training? I typed the wrong email