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Hi Experts,   I was wondering if there's a possibility of setting default hive parameters for beeline as we do it with .hiverc for hive shell. As some of our BO tools use beeline in the background and fails at some queries with container size issues, i would like to set them as default for that specific user.   Background on the

Is it possible to use "sync" mount option while mounting MapR NFS FS ?. Anybody can tell me what all the current mount options available for MapR NFS.
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MapR manages raw, unformatted devices directly to optimize performance and offer high availability. For data nodes, allocate at least 3 unmounted physical drives or partitions for MapR storage. MapR uses disk spindles in parallel for faster read/write bandwidth and therefore groups disks into sets of three. MapR-FS. Provide at least 8 GB of free
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Hi we have installed MapR - M3 edition in our company. The machine configurations are HP WorkStation with 16 GB RAM and 1 TB Hard disk. We installed ubuntu in each machine as first step and after that we installed MapR -M3 Edition.TH   1 TB data hard disk space it showing only 200 GB as utilization and not showing the other Memory space.
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I have successfully installed MapR Cluster. However, in the MCS I could able to see only one node instead of 3. I searched all the local directories and observed that in the node which is up, audit, logs, metrics folders were there but in the other folders named by other node names, these folders are not there. [root@maprnode1 maprnode1]# pwd