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I have a spring based web application hosting on the wildfly server. The web application deployment is failing with below error:   Caused by: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Failed to link com/mapr/hadoop/yarn/util/MapRFSLoggingHandler (Module "org.mapr:main" from local module loader @1c53fd30 (finder: local module finder @50cbc42f (roots:

I'm trying to reduce noise in a binary python array by removing all completely isolated single cells, i.e. setting "1" value cells to 0 if they are completely surrounded by other "0"s. I have been able to get a working solution by removing blobs with sizes equal to 1 using a loop, but this seems like a very inefficient solution for large arrays:
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I am trying to create a table in Hbase using as a Spark Dataframe. (from a spark Data frame). The simplified code I am trying is this.   import org.apache.spark.sql.datasources.hbase.HBaseTableCatalog;   #Create a Data frame with two columns and two rows. val df =sc.parallelize(Seq(("1","a"),("2","b"))).toDF(Seq("col1","col2"):
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I just enabled security for the first time on my previously functioning cluster. Now warden will not start, it seems to have trouble when attempting to authenticate.   I did run with -genkeys on my CLDB host, and dutifully copied cldb.key, maprserverticket, ssl_keystore, ssl_truststore to my other zookeepers, and the same