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Long story short... installing M3 on a single node Centos 7 server.   Running in to issues, will track them here and hope someone from MapR will add comments and suggestions.   System : Intel NUC i7 OS: Centos 7 32GB memory, 2 M.2 SSDs 1TB in size. (This was a quick build to replace the original server that died after 9 years)

MCS not opening after setting up single node cluster, successfully. The services are running successfully in the single node cluster. Also the IP is added in the web.conf. But, MCS is not opening. Please find below the adminuiapp.log.   [eghosau@node1 ~]$ cat /opt/mapr/logs/adminuiapp.log Header: hostName:, Time Zone: Pacific
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Scan the discussions listed here to get answers to common questions.   Course-related questions: How do I register for a course? How do I get private training from MapR at my workplace? MapR cancelled my class - Now what? What is the cancellation policy for Instructor-Led and Virtual Instructor-led training? I typed the wrong email
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MapR manages raw, unformatted devices directly to optimize performance and offer high availability. For data nodes, allocate at least 3 unmounted physical drives or partitions for MapR storage. MapR uses disk spindles in parallel for faster read/write bandwidth and therefore groups disks into sets of three. MapR-FS. Provide at least 8 GB of free
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When I try to wget the following script for Lab 13.1, I get a 404 file not found error. I tried looking around in the browser, but I could find anything on the server, links were all broken. Google didn't yield any results either. The file in question is:   Can anyone point me in
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Hi we have installed MapR - M3 edition in our company. The machine configurations are HP WorkStation with 16 GB RAM and 1 TB Hard disk. We installed ubuntu in each machine as first step and after that we installed MapR -M3 Edition.TH   1 TB data hard disk space it showing only 200 GB as utilization and not showing the other Memory space.