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Anybody using Kylo data management in MapR6.0?

Question asked by reedv on May 9, 2018
Latest reply on May 15, 2018 by metadaddy

Wondering if anyone uses Kylo data-lake management platform ( and any compatibility problems experienced between it and MapR hadoop.

Basically wanting to know if it is even compatible at all, ie. does it work smoothly on the MapR (for instance no issues having to do with the fact that MapR's hadoop implementation is not exactly the same and the vanilla Apache version). I know that MapR does not explicitly support Apache NiFi (which is apparently a component of Kylo), but there seems to be workarounds (How do we support Apache NiFi? )

Looking on the community forms for Kylo seems to indicate that there is little usage of the software by the MapR community (Google Groups) (and apparently no specific installation instructions). This seems strange since Kylo is developed by Teradata which is apparently a MapR partner (Teradata Corporation | MapR). If anyone can speak to any of this (since I'm totally ignorant on this), please let me know if 1) Kylo works on MapR and 2) if there are any installation problems that should be noted. Thank you.