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What is best sequence of MapR courses learning for Hadoop?

Question asked by prasadkss on Apr 18, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2017 by onelson

Hello Onna Nelson 


I have started with the Hadoop self training courses in MapR. I heard that below is the sequence to learn Hadoop developer courses better in MapR and finished ESS 100 & 101 few days ago. Could you please let me know am I in the right direction or I'm missing any course from MapR like ESS 102?

ESS 100 – Introduction to Big Data
ESS 101 – Apache Hadoop Essentials
DEV 301 - Developing Hadoop Applications
DEV 320 - Apache HBase Data Model and Architecture
DEV 325 - Apache HBase Schema Design
DEV 350 - MapR Streams Essentials
DEV 351 - Developing MapR Streams Applications
DEV 360 - Apache Spark Essentials
DEV 361 - Build and Monitor Apache Spark Applications
DEV 362 - Create Data Pipelines Using Apache Spark


I'm also looking for good hands experience, so will the above DEV courses provide me the software install guides and necessary practice examples?