MapRDB unit testing utility

Idea created by Daniar on Aug 11, 2017

    I use successfully in my projects an HBaseTestingUtility for unit testing with native HBase.

    Since I did not find out how to use utility with a MaprDB (binary tables) in a single maven project (e.g. within test scope) (HBaseTestingUtility ), we developed two different workarounds:


    1. Create a maven multi module project where one of the modules has native Apache HBase dependencies for unit testing.
    2. The way that Mapr suggests: connect to existing cluster and run unit tests against the cluster (create and drop tables, in order to avoid name clashes we generate a unique prefix for table names)  


    I think it will be helpful to provide a similar utility such as HBaseTestingUtility (e.g. MapRDBTetstingUtility) for unit testing that could be used with maprdb maven dependencies in a single project.