Support Kafka Streams in MapR Converged Data Platform

Idea created by slimbaltagi on Jul 16, 2017
    • slimbaltagi
    • asukhenko

    Apache Kafka 0.10 released in May 2016, comes with Kafka Streams as a lightweight Java library for building stream processing applications on top of Kafka without the need, for many use cases, for other framework or tools such as Spark Streaming, Apache Flink, Apache Apex, Apache Storm...

    Apache Kafka 0.11 released on June 28th 2017 adds exactly-once semantics to Kafka Streams opening the door for more use cases of Kafka Streams such as in Financial Services, Security Services etc.

    It might be worth for the MapR Converged Data Platform to offer Kafka Streams bundled with MapR-ES as a cluster-less alternative to other stream processors in the spirit of convergence and simplicity! What do you think?