MapR PACC handling signal to avoid Docker killing containers

Idea created by maprcommunity Employee on Jun 21, 2017

    From Ryan VictorySumanth Chinthagunta in Cannot terminate docker container with Ctrl-C     


    "While you can engineer a shell script in a docker container to receive and pass along the signal, the MapR PACC does not currently do this properly. This means that anytime Docker decides to kill the container (or your orchestrator decides to), the signal isn't passed to the client application and instead the container is forcibly killed.


    This is a huge deal for MapR Streams clients, where they are not able to properly unsubscribe themselves from a consumer group/topic. This means that we have to wait for the timeout (which seems to be a long time) before new consumers will receive messages for that consumer group ID and that topic.


    I do believe MapR needs to fix their entrypoint script in the Docker Container (the PACC) to pass along the signal, otherwise the container becomes fairly useless for those of us creating applications that use MapR Streams."