Big Data Analytics for Film Industry

Idea created by foudroyantanalytics on Aug 24, 2016
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    As you know billions of dollars are spent on making films. However, the success rate is very low and risk factor is very high. Most of the films are made with gut feeling from the experience the industry experts gain.

    Also as on date films are made in a disorganized manner i.e every production house has their own processes in making the films unlike in corporate following standards like PMP or Princeton or quality metrics.

    Till date 1000s of movies are made which means we have a reap of historical data. Out of these some are commercially hit, some or flop and some or commercially flop but claimed awards. This is a huge amount of data which comes under one of the Big Data V’s Volume.

    The second V is variety. It is because films comes with variety of data. There are many parameters like casting, technicians, type of film (Action, Thriller, Romantic, Sentiment, Drama, Historical, Music, Singers, Hit Songs, methods of promotion, Theatres released, period of release etc.

    If all these data can be collected and identify key performance indicators, definitely it can be a great application where the producers who spend millions of dollars will not hesitate to avail the big data analytics on predicting the success or failure.