Developing a Recommendation Engine for Telcos

Idea created by foudroyantanalytics on Aug 22, 2016
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    Building a Recommendation Engine, which could capture raw data from various elements/ systems of any mobile network like CDMA, GSM, LTE or website or any enterprise system like banking, Insurance etc to process the same to suggest business decisions, enable execution of such decisions for increasing revenue as well as customer experience.


    Recommendation Engine should be a solution platform which is required to address the issues like enhancing quality of service, quality of experience, understanding the need of the customers, proposing solutions to customers, improving customer satisfaction, prevent customer churning, retention of existing customers, ensuring customer loyalty, increasing revenue, etc. It shall help in formulating pricing plan, launching promotional activities, acquiring and retaining high usage customers, keeping customers satisfied and enhancing the customer stickiness, which would result in growth and improving the profitability of the Network Operator.


      It should be able to collect data from OSS, CDRs from MSCs / CDRs from Telecom Operator Side while it should also capture CDRs from the operators vendor systems like OBD, IBD, Provisioning System, USSD Client System, PCA, Etc / Mediation / Staging System, CTop-Up system,  CRM of Call Centers, ERP, VAS platforms etc. Recommendation Engine should provide near real time processing of data, extract the information from the data, organize and present the information in a manner that has direct relevance to the decision making process.