Need detailed documentation/book on how to setup MapR (for newbies)

Idea created by maprcommunity Employee on Jan 24, 2016
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    This idea was originally shared by midair77 midair77 in the Answers forum on January 14, 2016: Newbie to MapR and need to learn deeply about MapR => in need of a book about MapR

    Hi all,

    I spent some times with the free online training HDE 1*, ADM 2*, reading documents and I am still at lost in understanding some of the deeper technical configurations of MapR. I am most interested in the security aspects such as setting up Kerberos to work with MapR and Kerberos with the ecosystem such as Hive, Impala because these are important areas to my company product.

    What I need is a systematic procedure of how to go about setting up MapR to achieve what I want. For Hadoop Apache, we have plenty of books and for MapR I have failed to locate good documentations and book(s) that helps me. I felt like I have dealt with a black box solution where I can run these commands and things will work.

    • I would like to know the secret sauces in how to create disktab files, cldb.key, maprserverticket.
    • How to use my own ssl_truststore and ssl_keystore and what are the implications of using my files instead of using -genkeys?
    • What are the things that I might have to change when i do not follow a specific rule to create the Kerberos service principal for MapR.
    • In the case that I have more than 1 CLDB, what would happen if I use different service principals that is not mapr/clustername but like mapr/fqdn.


    I have to say that I am not a software engineer so reading codes to understand these is the last thing that I would like to do. Besides that, I have been very frustrated with the lacks of deep technical understanding in configuring MapR and I am wondering if there is a book exclusively about MapR since reading documentations for Apache Hadoop (CDH/HDP) or MapR to get things to work correctly is close to insanity (to me).


    And one can always say that I should google but from my experiences MapR related articles from users are far and few compared to CDH or HDP. Trying to google MapR and Kerberos and I had been very much pointed back to MapR's website.

    My feeling is that MapR has excellent products but MapR is not that friendly to new users and DevOps folks (who want to understand and generate configurations and automate the setup of MapR) yet.