WHITE PAPER: When Streaming Becomes Strategic

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A while paper from The Bloor Group. 

"MapR Converged Data Platform: An Architectural Foundation for Data-Driven Enterprises

The old system of record and data warehouse arrangement was founded on the idea that data lived in specific locations, and where there was a need, it was replicated to other locations. However, with the explosion of data in a variety of formats and the acceleration of data flows, it's become apparent that a streaming architecture that focuses equally on data flow and data storage is necessary.

The MapR Converged Data Platform was built with the idea of data movement in mind, with a real-time data transport capability embedded in the data platform. With the addition of MapR Streams, MapR becomes a truly global data platform able to support any type of distributed workload, ranging from the bulk processing of Hadoop applications (MapReduce, Hive, HBase, etc.) to real-time stream processing using Spark, Storm, or any other data streaming capability.

You will learn:

  • How you can manage your data flows properly via this new data platform that is fast becoming an operating system for data and a global system of record
  • How the MapR Converged Data Platform provides real-time event streaming
  • The global capabilities of the MapR Platform
  • Why the MapR Platform is ideal for both bulk processing and real-time analytics
  • How a leading healthcare technology provider used MapR 5.1 to build a global, compliant healthcare database