Manual Deployment in GCE

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A native integration between the MapR Installer and Google Compute Engine (GCE) does not yet exist, however it's still easy to use the MapR Installer to deploy a cluster on pre-provisioned GCE instances.  This guide will walk through how this can be done.


Deploying MapR on GCE

Deploy GCE VM Instances

From the Google Cloud Platform Console, navigate to Compute Engine > VM instances > Create.


(You'll want to repeat the steps below for the number of nodes you want in your MapR cluster.)

  1. Name your instance 
  2. Pick a zone near you
  3. Machine type - pick one with at least 16GB of RAM
  4. Boot disk
    1. Choose an OS image that MapR supports.
    2. Change size to 128GB.
  5. Allow HTTPS traffic
  6. Expand options for 'Management, disks, networking, SSH keys'
    1. Click 'Disks'
    2. Click '+Add item'
    3. In the first dropdown, select 'Create a disk'
      1. Name your disk
      2. Select a disk type based on performance you need
      3. Source type = 'None (blank disk)'
    4. Specify a size
  7. Click 'Create'


Once all of your nodes are created, take note of both the Internal IP and External IP of each instance, you'll need them later.

Deploy the MapR Installer


  1. From a terminal window, SSH into your first VM instance:
    1. $ gcloud compute --project "my-project" ssh --zone "us-east1-c" "mapr-demo-1"
    2. If this is your first time, a SSH keypair will be created, with the private key stored in '/Users/<my_user>/.ssh/google_compute_engine'.  Note this location, as you will need this key soon.
  2. Once you are SSH'd in, type
    1. curl -O
    2. chmod 755
    3. sudo ./
  3. Follow the instructions in the prompts in order to set up the installer.


Use the MapR Installer

(The section below covers only steps that are specific to Google Compute Engine, for full steps see the MapR Installer Documentation.

  1. From your browser, navigate to https://<external_ip_of_installer_instance>:9443
  2. Log in using the username and password configured in 'Deploy the MapR Installer'
  3. Make your installation choices on the first several pages.
  4. On the 'Node Configuration' page -
    1. List the internal IPs of all VM instances
    2. Set 'disks' to '/dev/sdb'
    3. Select 'SSH-Private Key'
      1. Username = your local linux username
      2. Key = '/Users/<my_user>/.ssh/google_compute_engine'
        1. The .ssh directory is hidden, so you may need to copy this key to another location to browse to it.
  5. Complete the installation steps.