Slides: Kafka Streams For Java Enthusiasts by Slim Baltagi

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These are the slides of a talk that I gave at the Chicago Java Users Group (CJUG) on June 8th 2017. Apache Kafka evolved from an enterprise messaging system to a fully distributed streaming platform ( Kafka Core + Kafka Connect + Kafka Streams) for building streaming data pipelines and streaming data applications. 


This talk is mainly focusing on Kafka Streams, a lightweight open source Java library for building stream processing applications on top of Kafka using Kafka topics as input/output. You will learn more about the following:  
1. Apache Kafka: a Streaming Data Platform
2. Overview of Kafka Streams: Before Kafka Streams? What is Kafka Streams? Why Kafka Streams? What are Kafka Streams key concepts? Kafka Streams APIs and code examples? 
3. Writing, deploying and running your first Kafka Streams application
4. Code and Demo of an end-to-end Kafka-based Streaming Data Application
5. Where to go from here?


Your comments and feedback are much appreciated.

Thank you!