MapR File System

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What is MapR-FS


MapR-FS is a POSIX file system that provides distributed, reliable, high performance, scalable, and full read/write data storage for the MapR Converged Data Platform (MCDP). MapR-FS includes important features for production deployments such as fast NFS access, access controls, and transparent data compression. In the MapR Converged Enterprise Edition, MapR-FS includes enterprise-grade features such as block-level mirroring for mission-critical disaster recovery as well as load balancing, and consistent snapshots for easy data recovery.


In addition to NFS access, MapR-FS fully supports the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) API, letting you use any Hadoop ecosystem project on MapR without any changes. MapR-FS completely replaces HDFS to let you handle many more workloads than what HDFS can support.


Learn more about the key features of MapR-FS:



Learn about how MapR volumes enable multi-tenancy, which allows distinct data sets, user group,s and applications to run in the same cluster while remaining separated.

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