Cloudy with a Chance of On-Prem - Jim Scott, Strata Hadoop 2017 SJ

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Talk by Jim Scott at the Strata Hadoop 2017 conference in San Jose on March 14th 2017. 

'IT budgets are shrinking, and the move to next-generation technologies is upon us. The cloud is an option for nearly every company, but just because it is an option doesn’t mean it is always the right solution for every problem.


Most cloud providers would prefer that every customer be tightly coupled with their proprietary services and APIs to create lock-in with that cloud provider. The savvy customer will leverage the cloud as infrastructure and stay loosely bound to a cloud provider. This creates an opportunity for the customer to execute a multicloud strategy or even a hybrid on-premises and cloud solution.


Jim Scott explores different use cases that may be best run in the cloud versus on-premises, points out opportunities to optimize cost and operational benefits, and explains how to get the data moved between locations. Along the way, Jim discusses security, backups, event streaming, databases, replication, and snapshots across a variety of use cases that run most businesses today.'