Slim Baltagi Presents: Kafka Streams for Java Enthusiasts - Meetup, June 8th 2017, Chicago, IL, USA

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Date:June, 8th 2017
Location:Vivid Seats, 111 N. Canal, Suite 800, Chicago, IL, USA
Time:6 pm CST
Registration Link:Slim Baltagi Presents: Kafka Streams for Java Enthusiasts - Chicago Java Users Group (Chicago, IL) - Meetup 




This is a joint event by the 'Chicago Java User Group' and the 'Chicago Real-Time Streaming Analytics Meetup' . 


Apache Kafka evolved from an enterprise messaging system to a fully distributed streaming platform for building streaming data pipelines and streaming data applications. This talk will be mainly focusing on Kafka Streams, a lightweight open source Java library for building stream processing applications on top of Kafka using Kafka topics as input/output.

You will learn more about the following:  

  • What are the key concepts of Kafka Streams?
  • Code walkthrough and demo of a complete Kafka Streams application.
  • How to start and continue a learning journey about Kafka Streams and stream processing in general if you’d like to transition to the world of Big Data and Fast Data?
  • How Kafka Streams differentiates itself from other options for processing streaming data?


Speaker Bio:

• Slim Baltagi is currently leading the Big Data practice at Advanced Analytics LLC, a consultancy firm highly specialized in helping organizations derive valuable insights into emerging trends and behaviors from large volumes of complex data sets to refine how they engage with customers, employees and partners.

• He is an IT leader with extensive Big Data and Fast Data experience as Director/Architect/Engineer/Evangelist delivering end-to-end Big Data/Fast Data projects from solution architecture to production in many verticals.

• He is a Big Data thought leader, a speaker at many Big Data conferences and meetups with top presentations on when searching for Spark, Hadoop, Kafka or Flink and an organizer of many Big Data meetups at major US cities and abroad. 

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