Announcing: MEP 1.1.1 & ECO-1611

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Release Date: Dec 9, 2016

We are pleased to announce the release of the following two maintenance releases:

  • ECO-1611: a maintenance release for our pre-MEP customers, including Drill 1.9
  • MEP 1.1.1: a maintenance release for our MEP 1.1 branch.



This maintenance release for pre-MEP customers contains an update to Drill 1.9 and re-releases of the project versions listed below:


Drill 1.9

Drill 1.9 is an iterative release form Apache Drill community and now available on MapR with the MEP 2.0 release.


The key highlights of this release include:

  • Enhanced Parquet Performance - Improved query performance for I/O intensive analytic queries using an optimized Parquet reader, as well as significant performance boosts for targeted queries by reducing I/O via Parquet filter pushdown and Limit operator pushdown. These techniques complement the variety of the other Drill optimizations, including partition pruning and metadata caching, to further enhance the performance.
  • Flexible and Dynamic UDFs - Enables data scientists, analysts, and developers to develop and deploy custom Drill SQL functions (UDFs) in a self-service fashion without having to restart Drill services in the cluster or IT involvement. This feature is greatly useful in large multi-tenant organizations where restarting Drill services is disruptive to users. The feature also empowers users to get fast value from data using Apache Drill.
  • Seamless BI tool integration - In this release, Drill introduces a variety of SQL improvements to enable optimal BI tool integration. This includes support for a variety of join syntax generated from Tableau and other BI tools, as well as improvements to the number of the queries generated for metadata from the BI tools. These enhancements also improve the overall interactive user experience.


Drill 1.9 Release Notes


ECO-1611 Re-releases
Release NotesDocumentation
Apache Hive 0.13Release NotesDocumentation
Apache Hive 1.0.0Release NotesDocumentation
Apache Hive 1.2.1Release NotesDocumentation

Apache Pig 0.15

Release NotesDocumentation
Apache Spark 1.6.1Release NotesDocumentation
Apache Storm 0.10.0Release NotesDocumentation


MEP 1.1.1

The maintenance release for MEP 1.1 contains re-releases of the versions listed below:


MEP 1.0 Contents
Release NotesDocumentation
Apache Hive 1.2.1Release NotesDocumentation

Apache Pig 0.15

Release NotesDocumentation
Apache Spark 1.6.1Release NotesDocumentation



MEP 1.1.1:

Index of /releases/MEP/MEP-1.1.1 




UI Installer:

Index of /releases/installer 




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