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When asking a question in the MapR Converge Community, it is important to provide as much detail as possible so that community members can help you. Sometimes questions go unanswered because there isn't enough detail given to understand the question.


Provide as much of the information below when you ask your question, but remember: 

* Be courteous and respectful.

* Ask only one concise question after reading available documentation, FAQs and mailing list history.

* Provide enough technical background to explain the issue, but no more than necessary.


Environment / Versions

  • MapR Edition (Community Edition or Enterprise Edition)
  • Type of MapR Platform (Hadoop or Spark)
  • Apache Hadoop Ecosystem versions
    • Examples
      • Spark 1.6.1
      • Hive 1.2.0
      • HBase 0.98.12

      • Apache Mahout 0.12



  • Describe in detail the issue happening that is being reported.
    • Was the issue during a MapR Academy course?. If so, specify the course and lecture.
  • Remember to add tags at the end of your question so people following tags may find your question faster. Check out Converge Community Topics and Popular Tags for most common tags



  • Give the timeline of issue that is seen. Also give the frequency in which it is happening
  • If you are following the documentation, share links to it. 



  • Detail the type of cluster this affects
    • Standalone
    • Cloud (AWS, Azure, etc)
  • Type of environment
    • Testing
    • Production



  • Share why the current configuration/features are being used to help explain the business need.



Be aware that the Converge Community is an open site, so do not share confidential information that cannot be viewed publicly.  Please remember to attach your log files, do not add them as comment. See how here: How to Share Log Information in the Community

If you are a MapR Premium Support Customer, you can always contact Support if you need to share private information.

  • Log files
  • Job details
  • Core files
  • Job failure exceptions
  • Gather Diagnostic Files
  • Documentation you are using to troubleshoot, if applicable.



Reach out and share your question with the experts by @mention people. To find the right people:


First, you go the navigation bar, under Browse, you click on People.



Then, click on Filter by skill and type in one skill.  The results show people who have listed that particular skill under their profile. 




You can also share once you have published your question by going to the upper right hand corner of your question and find the Share icon once


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