Summary of solutions to ERROR (10009) - Couldn't connect to the CLDB service

Document created by maprcommunity Employee on Apr 19, 2016
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There have been many questions asked in the community about the following error message: ERROR (10009) - Couldn't connect to the CLDB service


Here are some possible causes and solutions to this problem from various answers provided:


1) CAUSE: The maprlogin command has not been run to obtain the security credentials on the node.

SOLUTION: Obtain the maprlogin credentials on the node.


2) Check mfs.log on the same node. You might get a clue there.


3) CAUSE: There may be a simple permission problem opening the file. It may be trying to open the file and failing.

SOLUTION: Check and see that /opt/mapr/mapr-cli-audit-log exists and is writeable.


4) CAUSE: The unmounted drives may not be formatted.


5) CAUSE: The file may not be accessible to the MapR user.

SOLUTION: Move the storagefile to /tmp and run disksetup again.

su - mapr

and do an ls -la of /root/storagefile