How to find questions that need answers -- help a peer out!

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The Converge Community is a community of peers who help each other put data technology to work. One of the Code of Conduct guidelines is Give and Take. Building a strong community requires that we all do our part. If someone helped you when you first joined the community, pay it forward by answering questions, marking answers as correct, linking to relevant content and generally being a good citizen.


If you ask a question, make sure to mark the correct response as CORRECT to get it out of the Unanswered Questions queue.



Follow these simple steps to find the questions that need answers.



1. Go to Quick Links > Questions that Need Answers at the top of the community.

  • This will show you a list of all open questions, no matter where they are located in the community.
  • You can filter by words or tags to find questions you have more expertise in.


2. Bookmark this URL in your browser


3. Follow Steps 4 and 5 in the OPTION 2 section below.


4. Go to the bookmark next time you visit the community.




1. Go to a Products and Services specific page. For example  MapR-DB


2. Go to the "HELP A PEER" section of the page (usual lower left)


3. Click on the a specific question or click the "More Results" link at the bottom of the HELP A PEER section of the product page.

Bookmark this URL to go directly to the unanswered questions in the future.


all unanswered questions.PNG

4. Look for the questions with 0 responses and reply to those first

  • When you click on the More Results in Product Pages, you are taken to the Content section of Answers to a list of only Questions that are Open questions, filtered by a specific tag.
  • Sort by date created: oldest first to find the questions that need the most attention.
  • Then look for questions with 0 replies (the discussion bubble icon indicates replies). In the screenshot below, the Hive job hangs with container transitioned from IDLE....has 0 replies.


0 replies.PNG


5. If you come across questions that seem to have been answered but are not marked correct, make a comment and ask the person who asked the question whether they need additional information or if this question has been answered.


The person who asked the question should mark it correct to get it out of the Unanswered Questions queue.

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