Bay Area Apache Flink Meetup - Apr 6, 2016

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Date:April 6, 2016


350 Holger Way, San Jose, CA

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The Bay Area Apache Flink Meetup is a meetup group for all SF Bay Area users and developers of Apache Flink. Apache Flink is an open source platform for scalable batch and stream data processing. Flink combines the scalability and programming flexibility of distributed MapReduce-like platforms with the efficiency, out-of-core execution, and query optimization capabilities found in parallel databases.



  • MapR Streams for Global Real-time Applications - William Ochandarena -  Director of Product Management at MapR

With the growth of SaaS and IoT, more and more applications have to collect, process, and distribute data on a global scale. Existing messaging systems either lack the throughput these modern applications require, or lack the ability to reliably coordinate between multiple geographically distributed locations.

Will Ochandarena from MapR Technologies will introduce and give a quick overview of MapR Streams, a global pub-sub streaming system for big data that works seamlessly with Apache Flink, and discuss how together these technologies can be used to build global data architectures.

  • Benchmarking with MapR Streams and Apache Flink- Jamie Grier - Director of Applications Engineering at data Artisans

Jamie Grier from data Artisans will present results of some recent benchmarking completed with MapR Streams and Apache Flink on a high performance MapR cluster.

  • Apache Flink 1.0.0 Overview  - Kostas Tzoumas - PMC and committer at Apache Flink, and co-founder and CEO of data Artisans

Kostas Tzoumas from data Artisans will join us to present some of the new features in Apache Flink 1.0.0.






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