DFW Data Science Meetup - Apr 4, 2016

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Date:April 4, 2016

Improving Enterprises

16633 Dallas Parkway Suite 110 Addison, TX 75001,Addison, TX

Registration Link:http://www.meetup.com/DFW-Data-Science/events/228243482/



The DFW Data Science Meetup is a community where you can discuss Data Science techniques such as Apache Spark, Apache Drill, Apache Parquet, share a cool Scala idea, spread the love to Dabble or Enhance Systems with Mahout, or you want to learn about Hadoop or NoSQL (SOLR, MongoDB, Casandra), Column DB (Apache Parquet). Veteran or novice - the DFW Data Science Meetup welcomes all. Everything and anything used as a tool by an experimenter is fair game in this community.



  • Everything you always wanted to know about Deep Learning (but were afraid to ask) - Joseph Blue -  Data Scientist at MapR

According to rumor & innuendo, deep learning is the hottest thing to come out of data science since the first fair coin was struck in Asia Minor. The goals of this high-to-medium-level discussion are to de-mystify deep learning and help machine learning enthusiasts understand how it works, what it can do (and what it cannot), where to get it and what the future might hold. During this workshop, we will expose how deep learning evolved from neural networks, walk through the architecture and training of convolutional & recurrent neural networks (CNN & RNN, respectively) and review practical examples of real-life use cases from the field. We will also touch on current developments (both advancements and challenges) and speculate on how businesses are beginning to adopt these models.


Note: experience with Neural Networks isn’t a prerequisite for participation in this discussion, but we assume the attendees are aware of model-building essentials (e.g supervised vs. unsupervised, major categories of algorithms, over-fitting, etc.).