HUG Italy - Mar 17th 2016

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HUG Italy is a group for anyone interested in big data use cases and technologies. Guests of the event will be Tugdual Grall ( MapR Evangelist ) and Fabian Wilckens ( MapR Solutions Architect)



  • Tugdual Grall MapR Technical Evangelist - Drilling into Data with Apache Drill


Apache Drill is a next-generation SQL engine for Hadoop and NoSQL. Its unique schema-free approach enables self-service data exploration with the agility that organizations need in this new era of rapidly growing and evolving data.

In this talk, based on demonstrations, you will understand the key features and architecture of Apache Drill. You will also see how to get started with Drill; and start query, using SQL, various data sources such as HBase, Hive, Parquet, and Avro, but also more complex data structure stored in JSON documents.

  • Fabian Wilckens - MapR Solutions Architect - Think differently - Stream-based Microservice Architecture for Next-Generation Applications

Microservice Architectures provide a new way for developing applications as a set of small services which are all independent and run their own processes but share and distribute information to each other based on lightweight communication protocols. Microservice Architectures allow to design applications around business capabilities and can be scaled on individual business demands.

The evolution of stream-based data handling can bring the concept of real-time to multi-tier applications which consists of individual microservices and can be linked using Big Data streaming systems.

This talk will talk about the concepts of microservices, about design patterns and about the open source technologies that can be used to design the next generation of applications around business requirements.