Not a valid ProtoBuf error while accessing MAPR cluster from eclipse

Document created by wade on Feb 27, 2016
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Author: Jitendra Yadav, last modified by Sanjamala Nayeem on May 8, 2015


Original Publication Date: May 1, 2015



MapR 3.x client on Windows with Eclipse.


Getting below errors while trying to run mapreduce program from eclipse using MAPR windows client ..

Although was able to access the MAPR fs from window cmd prompt:

INFO fs.JobTrackerWatcher: Not a valid ProtoBuf in JobTrackerWatcher.findJobTrackerAddr(): node1:5181,node2:5181,node3:5181 
15/04/05 12:26:05 INFO fs.JobTrackerWatcher: Retrying to connect ZooKeeper Attempt# 0 Current ZooKeeper Server: node1:5181,node2:5181,node3:5181

Root Cause

Having wrong libprotodefs.jar file in the classpath of the eclipse. Try to place correct jars from c:/opr/mapr/lib folder. We should not include protobuff of two version.


Remove all reference jars from Eclipse project and add jars from C:\opt\mapr\lib and C:\opt\mapr\hadoop\hadoop-0.20.2\lib and try to add corresponding jars which are missing and specific to your application and try.