Impersonating a user doesn't work from Windows MapR Client

Document created by snayeem Employee on Feb 27, 2016
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Author: Sanjamala Nayeem

Original Publication Date: April 22, 2015



  • MapR v4.x
  • MapR v3.1.1


Configuring MapR Client User on Windows

Before running jobs or applications on the Windows Client, configure the core-site.xml with the UID, GID, and user name of the cluster user that will be used to access the cluster.Complete the following steps:

  1. Obtain the UID and GID that has been set up for your user account.
    To determine the correct UID and GID values for your username, log into a cluster node and type the id command. In the following example, the UID is 1000 and the GID is 2000:

$ id

uid=1000(juser) gid=2000(juser) groups=4(adm),20(dialout),24(cdrom),46(plugdev),105(lpadmin),119(admin),122(sambashare),2000(juser)

2. Add the following parameters to the core-site.xml files that correspond to the version of the hadoop commands that you plan to run:












  <value>{id of user who has UID}</value>




You must use the numeric values for UID and GID, not the text names.The location of the core-site.xml file(s) that you need to edit is based on the type of job or applications that you will run from this client machine:

Job or Application Type

core-site.xml location

MapReduce v1 jobs%MAPR_HOME%\hadoop\hadoop-0.20.0\conf\core-site.xml
YARN applications
(MapReduce v2 or other applications that run on YARN)


.If you plan to run both MapReduce v1 jobs and MapReduce v2 applications, you need to updated both core-site.xml files with the user parameters.