MapR does not start when running on VM or Docker

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Author: Nabeel Moidu, last modified by Bo soon Park on October 26, 2015


Original Publication Date: May10, 2015


Affects all versions of MapR software.
Virtual machines or Docker images typically hit this issue because the storage configured for the VM is normally raw file storage which may not have been created per the MapR requirements.

The following log entries are seen in /opt/mapr/logs/cldb.log on the CLDB node(s):

2014-12-05 08:21:38,693 WARN Table [Thread-3]: Table : Create of KvStore table /.kvstoretables/containerLocationTable0 failed with status 28 .Sleeping for 10 seconds  and retrying 
2014-12-05 08:26:48,7486 ERROR Client fs/client/fileclient/cc/ Thread: 7252 TraverseAndCreateDirs failed, could not create .kvstoretables in Fid 1.16.2
2014-12-05 08:26:48,7486 ERROR JniCommon fs/client/fileclient/cc/ Thread: 7252 create failed for file /.kvstoretables/containerLocationTable0, parent mkdir error 28

Root Cause

From e
rror 28 refers to:

#define ENOSPC          28      /* No space left on device */  

The error messages in /opt/mapr/logs/cldb.log indicate that CLDB tried to write one or more of its internal tables on MapR-FS and received an error that there is insufficient space available. 

The storage file(s) created for MapR-FS within the VM or Docker image needs a minimum of 8 GB for storage. For the full disk space requirements, see


Increase the size of the storage file(s) allocated to MapR-FS inside the Docker image or the virtual machine and restart the instance.