Disksetup fails with Permission Denied error

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Author: Narsi Subramanian

Original Publication Date: May 3, 2015



Affects all versions of mapr software.This is seen mostly in virtual machines or sandbox environments where a local file on the host operating system has been assigned to maprfs as the disk for the cluster filesystem.


SymptomThe disksetup command fails with the error like :

"/root/storagefile failed. Error 13, Permission denied."

Root Cause

The disksetup command runs as the user configured for mapr. It needs access to the storagefile being used and the path where it's located. If either of these isn't met, we hit the error above.


  1. Set proper write permissions on the storage file for the mapr user.
  2. Ensure it is a path accessible to the mapr user.
  3. Verify access by switching login to the mapr user, and accessing the storage file.
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