How do I follow people, places or content in the MapR Community?

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Within the MapR Community, you can choose to follow specific people, places, and content.


Following is like subscribing.

  • If you follow a person, place or content in your Inbox it means you'll receive a notification when there is recent activity relating to the specific place, person, or content item you've followed. Be careful following a person who is very active in the community in your Inbox as this will generate a lot of notifications.
  • If you follow only in your Following stream you will not receive a notification (unless you turn on email notifications under Preferences for your Following stream). You can then filter by your Following stream to only see activity from what or who you are following.


By default, you will receive notifications for any content you've interacted with (i.e. asked a question, posted a discussion, replied/commented on something), as well as, any group you've joined. But following is especially helpful for keeping track of content, people or places, like Products and Services release announcements.



How to Follow

Depending on where you are in the community, there are two ways to follow something.


1) Follow a Place: Use Follow Button

On every place page you'll see a Follow button. Click the button to follow the person, place, or content item you are viewing. See Select Stream below to learn which boxes to check.


Follow a Place.PNG


We recommend following the Products and Services blog in your Inbox so you don't miss important release, upgrade and patch announcements.

products and services blog.PNG


2) Follow a Person: Use Follow Button

There are various places that allow you to follow a person. Remember, if you follow a person in your Inbox you will receive a notification whenever he or she does anything in the community. This could generate a lot of notifications so think through whether you want to do that (you can always unfollow).


    • Go to a person's profile by clicking on their name from anywhere in the community and click the Follow button on his or her profile.

profile follow.PNG


    • Go to Browse > People from the top navigation bar. Depending on whether you are in Thumbnails view or Details view, you will find the Follow button in a different location. Either way, click Follow. See Select Stream below to learn which boxes to check.

Follow person.PNG



3) Follow Content: Use Actions > Follow

    • When you are on a particular document, question or discussion, you will see and Actions drop down in the upper corner. Click on Actions.

Actions on a document.PNG

    • Click Follow

Actions Follow.PNG

Select Stream

    • Select which streams you want to follow the content in.
      • Follow in Following to be able to filter by Following on the Home page and see activity about this contnet.
      • Follow in Inbox to receive notifications in your Inbox each time someone makes a comment on or edits this document or discussion. If you push your Inbox to email or the mobile app you will also get notified that way.
      • If you have created custom activity streams, the custom streams will also appear as a location where you can follow the people, place, or content you are viewing.

Following Actions.PNG




Follow with Content Replies

When you contribute to content (i.e., reply to a discussion, ask a question, or submit an idea, etc.), you'll automatically be added to the content item as a 'follower' and will receive updates in your community inbox.


How do I find out what I'm already following?



To see what content you are following, go to your profile and click on Content > Following. You can click on the gear icon to unfollow or change the streams you are following it in.


following content.PNG



  • Go to Browse > People in the navigation at the top of the community.


  • Switch to Details view.

Details View.PNG

  • Click on Following on the left part of the screen.
  • You will see a list of people you are following. Click on the Following button to unfollow or change how you are following the person.

Following people.PNG



  • Go to Browse > Places > Following
  • Click on the gear icon to change how you are following a place.


How do I unfollow?

You can always 'unfollow' places, people or content item at any time by clicking on Follow or Actions > Following and unchecking the stream boxes.