Reading hive table blocks creating tables in the same database when

Document created by Hao Zhu Employee on Feb 18, 2016
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Author: Hao Zhu

Original Publication Date: February 25, 2015


Reading table blocks creating tables in the same database when table will fail with below errors due to database level lock.


Hive 0.13

Root Cause:

By default in Hive 0.13 when, it is using


Some DDLs needs Exclusive lock on database using this transaction manager.This issue is reported in HIVE-9199 which is fixed in Hive 1.1.

Minimum reproduce:

1. Set in hive-site.xml.2. Open 2 hive sessions.--Session A runs a long running query:


create table passwords (col0 string, col1 string, col2 string, col3 string, col4 string,

col5 string, col6 string) ROW FORMAT DELIMITED FIELDS TERMINATED BY ":";

load data local inpath "/etc/passwd" into table passwords;


select count(*) from passwords a,passwords b, passwords c, passwords d

where a.col0=b.col0

and a.col0=c.col0

and a.col0=d.col0;


--Session B tries to create a table in the same database in the meantime:

hive> create table test(id int); 
conflicting lock present for default mode EXCLUSIVE


This is current lock behavior in Hive 0.13. You can disable this feature by setting in hive-site.xml.

Or upgrade to Hive 0.14 or newer version in which new lock manager DbLockManager and new transaction manager DbTxnManager are introduced.