How do I ask a question in the MapR Community?

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Search the community for your question

Type relevant keywords in any universal search box (i.e., community home page, magnifying glass search in upper-right hand corner of the screen) to see if your question has already been asked and/or answered by users in the community.


You may also want to review the Products and Services pages where the content is already separated by specific products. 


If you find an existing question, click on "I have the same question"

If your question (or a similar version) exists, you may want to click on the 'I have the same question' link below the question. This way, you will be automatically notified of future comments as they are posted.


Follow the question in your Inbox

Sometimes you simply may want to keep an eye on the conversation thread without having to insert your thoughts or comments.


Mark comments as 'Helpful'

If your question (or a similar version) exists, read through the comments to see if any of them answer your question. If your question has been answered, mark the answer as 'helpful'.


Add your own comments

If your question is a slight variation or you have additional thoughts, you may want to reply to the conversation thread with your own comments.


If you don't find an existing question, ask your own question


Click on "Ask a Question" button at the bottom of the "I'm looking for" search box



Navigate to the group or place in the community where you would like to post your question

The most common place to ask questions is in the Answers space. Otherwise, you can also post questions in other places, such as MapR Academy.


Select 'Question' from the Actions menu

Actions create.PNGThe action menu will always be located on the right-hand side of any group's or space's banner.


NOTE: The ability to ask a question may not be available or enabled in all areas of the community.








Title your Question and add content

  • Use the rich content editor to insert an image, video, or code example into your question. Screenshots, videos are helpful in understanding your concerns.



Tag your Question

Choose from a selection of existing tags (which will appear as you type) or create new ones. Tags make content easily searchable. Please consider using the ones in Converge Community Topics and Popular Tags , which are cross referenced across the community, allowing your question to be more visible as it is automatically surfaced in many places.


Categorize your Question

Each place in the community has its own unique categories. These help to filter content in that place for easier searching. If your question fits into a category (or more than one), check all categories that apply.


tag category.PNG


Click Post

By default, you will automatically be following your own discussion post. Anytime there is activity related to your post (i.e., comments added, content marked 'like' or 'helpful', etc.) you will be notified.


By default you will be alerted when someone else comments on your question/blog post. Remember to show your appreciation with members that help or contribute to your learning. You can also manage your email notification preferences,

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