How to choose a content type in the MapR Community

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There are many different types of content within a community and it is very important to choose the correct content type for your collaboration.  Below are the main content types that are available as well as some additional content types that can be added on to the community via modules.



A question should be created when the author is seeking a specific solution to a problem he or she is having. The questions functionality allows the author and administrators to mark the correct response to the question, allowing the author and others find that solution faster.



A discussion should be created when the author is seeking different point of views and there is no specific solution to the issue. An example of a discussion would be “What types of data do you analyze in your organization?”  In this case there will be many points of view.


Like discussions, documents come in two varieties; collaborative documents you write directly in the community and uploaded files from your local machine.  Both are used to convey official or factual information to the community.

  • Collaborative documents: Good examples of collaborative documents are knowledge articles, how-to guides, policy outlines, etc.
  • Uploaded files: Uploaded files can be used in lieu of a collaborative document if you already have the document locally.


Blog Posts

Similar to documents, a blog post is intended to convey information to the community and are typically used by MapR staff for announcements (new releases, patches, etc.). Unlike documents, a blog post is more of a story, opinion or thought leadership.



Polls are quick surveys that allow users to vote for 1 option that best fits the question posed by the poll.  The strength of polls is their ability to help make important decisions by simplifying the response to a choice.  Once the votes are in the author of the poll can then see what decision needs to be made without having to sift through various comment responses.


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