Send Direct, Private Messages

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Using messages limits your audience to only the people you want. Messages show up in the Inbox of only the people you send them to. Messages reside in the Inbox and cannot be moved or deleted.


Tip: While messages and private discussions are useful features, nearly all topics in your community can be useful to others, so keep things public whenever possible.


Go to your inbox

You inbox can be accessed by clicking on the bell button next to your avatar in the upper right corner of the community. Or, go directly by URL:


Click on 'Send Message'

Send Message.PNG

Alternatively you can use Create > Message from the navigation bar at the top of the community.


Tip:  when hovering over another users avatar or name and the avatar popup appears there will also be a Message button available.


Type in the name(s), subject and message

If you'd like to send a message to someone outside of the MapR Community, you can do so by typing in his/her email address. You can add additional people to your direct message by clicking on the Select People link and clicking the check boxes next to the names of the people you’d like to add. Type your message in the Message field. You can upload a photo or @mention people in your community.


Send Message.PNG


Click 'Send' button

The message will be delivered to the person's MapR Community Inbox and if his or her Inbox is pushed out to email (personal setting under Preferences), an email will also be sent.