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When you are active in your community, you may receive emails alerting you to activity on content and places you are following. Editing your preferences allows you to choose what content you receive email notifications about and how you view the content with which you interact.


To view or change your preferences:

  1. Customize how and when you get notified via Email or the mobile app by going to your Avatar image in the upper right corner and selecting Preferences.
  2. Decide which streams you wish to get email notifications about when new activity happens in them.  By default all three Inbox stream options should be turned on.  As you create custom streams they will be added to this list.
  3. Choose how you want responses and comments to appear.
  4. Choose a Language, Locale and Time Zone options from the drop-down menus to change those preferences. By default your computer will determine your language and will display as a series of dashes.
  5. Turn on the Quick Tagging Mode check box so you can easily add and edit tags on content.
  6. Click the Save button to return to your profile page.


Don't Miss Direct Communications

We strongly recommend that you keep Receive notifications? set to Yes and check Mail under:

  1. Inbox Notifications:
    1. Inbox: Activity. When content you created or participated in has been updated, you will be alerted. 
    2. Inbox: Direct social actions Email box. When someone @mentions you in the community (a direction social action), there is an expectation that you will be notified via e-mail. 
  2. News & Stream Notifications:
    1. Following. Allows you to receive notifications on products and blogs you are following. this is specially important when wanting to receive new product alert (See: How to get notified of release, product and patch announcements)


Overall, this is how the changes we suggest look like:


If you choose to turn off notifications, you will not get any notifications via e-mail so will likely miss important messages that are sent to you directly. If you choose to turn off direct social action Emails, you must regularly check your community Inbox.

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