How to install and configure client and server of Oozie on MapR cluster

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Author: Rajkumar Singh


Original Publication Date: April 26, 2015


MapR 4.0.2

Installation and Configuration of Oozie Client/Server

How To :
To Install and configure Oozie we need to first identify the nodes on which we need to setup the Oozie client and server

On Master nodes : install both mapr-oozie-internal and mapr-oozie

yum install mapr-oozie mapr-oozie-internal

On Clients nodes : mapr-oozie-internal

yum install mapr-oozie mapr-oozie-internal


if you are running Oozie on yarn then add the following lines to the files



Copy the yarn-site.xml to the hadoop-conf directory under the Oozie installation directory



Now we are all set with the installation of Oozie, In the next step lets start the Oozie on the configured nodes using any of the following three ways

1. Start and Stop oozie using maprcli commands

maprcli node services -name oozie -action start -nodes node001 node002 node003 
maprcli node services -name oozie -action stop -nodes node001 node002 node003

2. Start and Stop Oozie using service command

service mapr-oozie start -- start oozie 
service service mapr-oozie status -- check the status of oozie service
service mapr-oozie stop -- stop the oozie service


3. Start and Stop Oozie using MCS
access the MCS dashboard and on selected nodes start and stop the Oozie service

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