How can a dead disk be removed from MapR-FS?

Document created by najmuddin_chirammal Employee on Feb 7, 2016
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Author: Najmuddin Chirammal


Original Publication Date: April 28, 2015


Environment :

  • All versions of mapr software.

Symptoms :

One of the disks failed on a node and was subsequently removed from MapR-FS and replaced on the node. MCS/CLI though still shows it as failed/dead even though it's not listed in the disktab file.


maprcli disk list -host mapr02 -system 0 -output terse

mn pst fw mt n dsu dst hn vn fs err dsa st 

MB2000EBUCF running HPG0 0 sdb 417 1907729 mapr01 ATA MapR-FS 1907312 0 

MB2000EBUCF running HPG0 0 sdc 417 1907729 mapr01 ATA MapR-FS 1907312 0 

MB2000EBUCF dead HPG0 0 sdd 1907729 mapr01 ATA MapR-FS Failed_disk 1

Resolution :

When a disk fails, mfs creates a log file under '/opt/mapr/logs' directory, These log files are typically named in the pattern <diskname>  After removing/replacing the disk, remove the corresponding <diskname> file. Then the disk will no longer be marked as failed.