Unable to mount NFS server after defining an export using wildcard characters

Document created by jbubier Employee on Feb 7, 2016
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Author: Jonathan Bubier


Original Publication Date: November 21, 2014


The paths on MapR-FS exported by MapR's NFS server are defined in /opt/mapr/conf/exports on each NFS server.  By default the path '/mapr' is exported to all hosts with read-write permissions.  Ex:


# special path to export clusters in mapr-clusters.conf. To disable exporting,

# comment it out. to restrict access use the exports_control


/mapr (rw)


#to export only certain clusters, comment out the /mapr & uncomment.

#/mapr/clustername (rw)

The hosts able to mount an exported path and their available permissions can be limited by specifying individual hosts by either hostname or IP of the hosts or by using the CIDR notation for an IP subnet.  Ex:


/mapr host1.jon.prv(rw) 
/mapr 192.168.1/24(rw)


MapR's NFS server does not currently support the use of wildcard characters to allow access to multiple hosts matching a particular hostname format.  Ex:


/mapr *.jon.prv(rw)


Using syntax similar to the above in /opt/mapr/conf/exports and restarting the NFS server will update the definition of the exports but hosts will be unable to mount the export defined using wildcard characters.  Other exported paths that do not use wildcard characters in their definition will be unaffected and will remain accessible to NFS clients.  Support for the use of wildcard characters when defining an export is targeted for a future MapR release.  If this functionality is needed in your MapR deployment contact MapR support and reference defect ID 9649.