Tips for Reducing Community Emails

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Are you getting too many Emails from the MapR Community?

1) Don't follow places and people in your Inbox

If you follow people or places in your Inbox, you will get a notification every time that person does something in the community or anytime there is new activity in a place. This can generate a lot of Inbox activity and emails (if you follow your Inbox via email).


How do I check if I'm following a person in my Inbox?

1. Click on Browse > People in the navigation at the top of the community.

2. Click on Following on the People page.

3. Click on the Following button to the right of each person and uncheck Inbox for anyone who you don't want to follow in your Inbox. Checking Following will not generate notifications in your Inbox. This is the recommended setting for following people.



How do I check if I'm following a place in my Inbox?

1. Click on Browse > Places in the navigation at the top of the community. You will either see the places shown in big rectangles (Tile View) or as a list (List View). This is a setting that you control.

Tile or List Views Places.png


2a) TILE VIEW: If the places appear as tiles, hover over a particular place and click on the gear in the lower right corner that appears and the place tile will flip. Uncheck FOLLOW IN > Inbox for any places for which you do NOT want all activity to appear in your Inbox. Click Done.

Follow Place.PNG


2b) LIST VIEW: If the places appear in a list view, click on the gear icon to the right of the place you want to check. Click Following and then uncheck Inbox under FOLLOW IN for any place for which you do not want to follow in your Inbox.

Following Answers.PNG



2) Update Your Preferences

The recommendations below are for community members who regularly log into the community and check their Inbox for new activity in the community as opposed to relying on Email notifications.


In Preferences, turn off Email for most of your Community Inbox items.




Instead of getting an Email for all items in your inbox, review your Inbox when you log in to catch up on what you missed. If you don't log into the community often, keep all of these checked.


inbox preferences.PNG


CAUTION: If you turn off Email for your Inbox, you will not get notified via Email if you ask a question and someone replies, so you may want to start by keeping your Inbox Email turned on.


In Preferences, turn off the Community Digest


Community Digest.PNG