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MapR-DB: Datebase for Global, Data-Intensive Applications


MapR-DB is a high performance, NoSQL (“Not Only SQL”) database management system, built into the MapR Converged Data Platform. MapR-DB is a global, multi-model database. It brings together operational applications, analytical applications, real-time streaming, and other workloads to enable next-generation, data-intensive applications. 


MapR-DB is a scalable and reliable database that does not compromise on speed, consistency, and SLA requirements across multiple edge, on-premises, and cloud environments. It is the database for building rich, interactive, intelligent (analytic/ML-driven), real-time, and mission-critical applications and running them simultaneously with consistent SLAs.

MapR-DB enables a variety of use cases in organizations, including single views of the business, leveraging new types of data such as IoT, list management for all business entities, enabling contextual user experiences with personalization, analytics-as-a-service to enable self-service BI, and intelligent business processes.


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