Tips for Getting Started in the Converge Community

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Find topics of interest, manage your community presence, and join the conversation by following the tips below.




Go on a Community Tour

The Converge Community is a public community for big data, Apache Hadoop, and MapR developers, administrators, and data analysts to ask questions, share ideas, and learn together. MapR customers, Academy students, partners, staff, Meetup organizers, and anyone interested in the topics discussed are welcome to join.

 Take a quick view of the main spaces where you will be interacting here 


There are three categories of things in the Converge Community:

  1. Places
  2. Content
  3. People



Create Your Profile and Update Privacy Settings

1. Create a MapR Account

Most of the content in the community is public and accessible without logging in. However, if you want to ask or answer questions, like content, or share ideas, you must create a MapR Account and log in.


2. Create your Converge Community Profile

Profile Drop Down - Edit Profile.pngHelp community members connect with you more easily by sharing your photo and biography. Good profiles make for good connections. Click on your avatar image in the upper right corner of the community. Click on Edit Profile. 

Edit Profile Options.PNG

    • Avatar & Photos. Upload a profile photo and make your avatar the same photo. The avatar picture appears next to your activity in the community and lets community members quickly associate your comments and activity with a simple visual cue. Scroll to the bottom of the Avatar & Photos page to upload your avatar.
    • Your Profile > Biography. Click on the Your Profile tab to create a Biography that will help people learn about your background, interests, and more. The other profile fields are managed in your MapR Account.
    • Privacy. You have control over who can see certain profile fields. By default, the only information about you that appears for a person who isn't logged into the community is your User Name. Once logged in, community members will be able to see more profile fields, unless you restrict access. See default privacy settings.


Create your MapR Community profile and update privacy settings


Manage Your Email Notification Preferences

Customize how and when you get notified via email or the mobile app by going to your avatar image in the upper right corner and selecting Preferences.


Don't Miss Direct Communications

We strongly recommend that you keep Receive notifications? set to Yes and check the Inbox: Direct Social Actions email box. If you choose to turn off notifications, you will not get any notifications via e-mail so will likely miss important messages that are sent to you directly. When someone @mentions you in the community (a direct social action), there is an expectation that you will be notified via e-mail. If you choose to turn off direct social action emails, you must regularly check your community inbox.

Receive notifications.PNG

Inbox direct social actions.PNG

Manage Email Notification Preferences

Tips for Reducing Community Emails

How to get notified of release, product and patch announcements 


Find an Answer

Have a question? Do you need help with something? If it is a technical question, go to Answers or Home and search to see if you can find the answer.

Im looking for.PNG

Read Search Tips for the MapR Community , for more ways to find content


Finding Information by Products  

Another way to search technical information is to go to MapR Docs, where you can find all the MapR technical documents.  One tip is that you can also use Google and type in keywords to search for a particular MapR doc.


The most efficient way to find information about MapR products is to visit the product pages, which incorporate comprehensive data from blogs, courses, and videos.  Below are product pages that are currently available:

MapR Converged Data Platform include: 




MapR Expansion Pack (MEP)

MapR Management & Monitoring

MapR Installation

MapR Security


Check Products and Services to see other pages.

How to get notified of release, product and patch announcements 


Follow a Blog


MapR Product News

The MapR Blog Announcements shares product announcements and latest MapR news. Read the blog here:MapR Products and Services Blog 

You can also get email alerts for all announcements, read how here: How to get notified of release, product and patch announcements


Community Technical Content in Exchange Blog

The Community Exchange Blog promotes technical content shared by all community members. Read how to contribute here


Follow a tag (topic) by creating a custom news stream in the community

Follow people, places or content in the MapR Community



Ask a Question

If you don't find what you are looking for, you can click on the Ask a Question button.


Im looking for.PNG

                                          ask a question.PNG


Another way to ask a question is to go to any of the places in the community and click on Actions > CREATE > Question



Take a look at What Information Should be Shared in a Question in the Community for tips on what you should include to help get your question answered faster. 


Find Expert Help

For the best practice, always share and follow your own questions.  One way is to find people who have the knowledge to answer your question and share the content.  

First, you go the navigation bar, under Browse, then click on People.



Then, click on Filter by skill and type in one skill.  The results will show people who have listed that particular skill under their profile. 




The next step is to reach out and share your question with the experts.  You can accomplish this step by going to the upper right corner of your question and find the Share icon. 



When you click on Share, a pop-up window appears.  Fill in the information, and don't forget to thank the experts.



How to Private Message a Member

You are always welcome to send a direct message to connect with another community member and exchange private conversation. First, please 'follow' the person by going to the person's profile and clicking 'follow.'  Then the person has to accept you as a follower.  When there is mutual following relationship, you can send a direct message to each other.  It is important to complete your profile for when a person wants to become your follower or accept you as a follower.


How to Contribute

The community is a joint effort and we encourage you to contribute in through the following


Help Fellow Community Members...Answer Questions


Write a Blog

The community is a joint effort and we encourage you to share your knowledge in the The ExchangeRead the step by step instructions and guidelines here: How to Create a Blog Post.


Share your skills

Did you know there is a fast way to let the entire Converge Community know about you and your expertise?  You simply need to list your top skills under your Profile for other community members to search, recognize, and endorse you. Read How to Share your Skills in the MapR Converge Community 


Promote your event

Are you a Meetup Group organizer in the Technology Industry? MapR invites you to become a contributor to Meetups and Events Space in order to help you promote your event. 


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