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Release & Patch Announcements


End of Maintenance



Announcing MapR 5.1

The MapR Converged Data Platform (MCDP) 5.1 represents our vision of a converged data platform, where platform services, open source engines/tools, and commercial engines/applications are tightly interconnected to form the basis of a powerful big data platform.


This release includes the following:

  • General availability of MapR Streams
  • General availability of MapR-DB document database capabilities, including the OJAI API
  • General availability of Apache Myriad
  • Security enhancements including:
    • Access Control Expressions (ACEs) for files and streams (in addition to MapR-DB)
    • Whole-volume ACEs
  • Selective auditing
  • SSD optimization for MapR-DB
  • FUSE based  POSIX Clients for extremely high performance data movement



5.1 Release Notes

Installation and Upgrade Notes

Ecosystem Support

Packages and Dependencies for MapR Software


Why Upgrade to 5.1?

If you are an existing MapR customer, here are some reasons why upgrading to this latest release can be useful:

  • Get all the benefits of a converged data platform that includes MapR Streams and JSON on MapR-DB
  • MapR partners will certify on this 5.X release, so you can get a certified configuration with MapR partner products
  • Log/audit operations in your cluster for analytics and compliance reasons with minimal performance impact
  • Simplify your security model with Access Control Expressions (ACEs) on all data in your cluster
  • Make MapR-DB on SSDs run even faster (3-4X faster)
  • Get greater stability from the many bug fixes
  • Reset the clock on the product support life cycle


See: MapR 5.1 Step-Up Program | MapR


What is a Converged Data Platform?

As the variety of data and processing needs explode, enterprises are embracing various big data technologies to address those specific needs in order to meet the urgent business demands. However, this is creating a new class of big data silos. Big data has even more gravity than classical relational data and therefore these impede collaboration.


A converged data platform is a new approach to provide a single best-in-class data platform for all your big data Hadoop, NoSQL, and event streaming needs.


Learn more.



Learn more about what makes a converged data platform:


Explainer video for MapR-DB

Demo video for MapR Streams


MapR Streams Training

MapR Streams training available


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